Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tool 7

A. Content objective- Given student created criteria and characteristics charts and writing samples, TLW critique writing by collaborating with peers and using the anchor charts with 100% participation.
B. When you plan to implement- I'd like to implement this when we are in the middle of studying SFML writing.
C. What tool(s) you plan to use- I thing Google Docs would be a good place to have the pieces and responses to the writing.  We could also occasionally Skype to discuss pieces together.
D.  A brief description of the project- My students will collaborate with other students to critique pieces of writing using anchor charts and checklists we will create together.  Eventually, this will evolve to conferring and critiquing each other's writing to improve it.

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  1. Great way to keep our use of technology authentic and relevant to what we know about good practices for reading and writing. I love the sharing capability with google docs.