Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tool 3

I thought this section of 11 Tools was pretty cool; I didn't know how to imbed a video before.  I liked Discovery Video.  I think we've all used it before, and I usually find most of the videos useful.  I also like YouTube.  You can find just about anything, which I suppose can be a blessing (or a curse if you're not careful.)  TeacherTube, KidsTube, and SchoolTube I found less useful.  There wasn't a lot I'd use for educational purposes there.

I thought this was a cute introduction to Texas symbols.

This is one of my favorite songs for reviewing silent e.  It's fun to have on in the morning when the kids are coming in and putting away backpacks and such before school starts.

I found this site about copyright for educators helpful:
You just plug in what you're doing and it lets you know if it's okay or not.  Above all, I think it's important we explain to kids about copyright so they don't accidentally do something they're not supposed to do.
Dropbox is pretty cool.  I can see it being useful in that you can add stuff you find on a home laptop or even your phone to use at school for your students.

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