Friday, June 22, 2012

Tool 5

I thought this site would be good to use as a choice for an activity to do for Daily 5 Work on Writing.  Kids could use this to write little books and stories if they choose Work on Writing and want to use the computer to compose their writing, rather than only use paper.  I think it would be a fun, novel way to get some of my more reluctant writers to write since some of my students love the computer.  Giving lots of choice in Daily Five is pretty important since some kids get bored easily.

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

I thought we could use Animoto to introduce concepts to students. I made this one with some United States symbols. I could see using it for social studies and science concepts the easiest. The kids could also use it themselves for part of their end of year science project on insects. While I couldn't get Wordle to work on my computer at home, I did try ABCYa! It had a lot of fun activities on it that I think would be great for my students to use during language arts and math work stations.

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